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Welcome to Lake Erosion Restoration

Lake Erosion Restoration is committed to providing high quality restoration to lakes that are suffering from erosion.  With our abundance of knowledge, engineered technology, and resources, we have the experience and expertise to make us innovative leaders in our industry.  Lake Erosion Restoration has the capabilities to produce high quality work within your budget.

Florida Lake Erosion

Lake Erosion is a growing concern throughout the state of Florida.  Private and public properties are suffering from lake erosion. Shoreline erosion has been linked to millions of dollars worth of property damage.  Erosion has caused the degrading of land, lost property, and safety issues.  Erosion has affected most developments, homeowner associations, private and public property, and golf courses throughout Florida and is an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

About the LER Process

Lake Erosion Restoration has engineered a technique that is safe and harmless to the environment.  By recycling sand that has eroded into the lake, our technique is proven to be efficient and effective.  We avoid bringing in organic material to pump the geo tube with as we have found it to be not as effective. Our technique has proven to be more efficient, cost effective, and last years longer then our competitors.  The tubes are interconnected across the waters edge, stacked in a pyramid fashion, pumped with recycled sand non-organic material, layered with a sacrificial bag, raked out and compacted to form a gentle slope, and then sodded to regain its original, natural, aesthetic look.